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We at S C and C have a firm commitment to your privacy and the protection of your information.

If you received an email from us, your email address has either been registered with us by you as someone who has expressly shared this address for the purpose of receiving information in the future ("opt-in"), or you have registered or otherwise have an existing relationship with us. Or it is a reply to a direct email from you.

We respect your time by controlling the frequency of our mailings.

Sharing and Usage.

We will never share, sell, or rent any individual's or organisation's private or personal information with anyone without their advance written or oral consent, or unless ordered to by a court of law. The personal information we collect from you will be used by Shrimp Crabs and Crayfish to provide the service(s) you have requested or authorized, and may also be used to request additional information or feedback. Your information, once submitted directly to this site or by direct email, is only available to us. Personal details submitted to our mailing list, FAQ database, Guestmap or message board, are only available to us (unless publicly posted by you), and the employees of Bravenet, who manage this information for purposes of sending you emails based on your request for information from my site, and any other third party opt-in mailing lists chosen by you.

Except as described in this statement, personal information you provide will not be transferred to third parties.

How can you stop receiving email from us?

Each mailing list email sent contains an easy, automated way for you to cease receiving email from us, or you can reply to the e-mails and request removal from my mailing list, If you wish to do this, simply follow the instructions at the end of any email. Alternatively you can go to the home page and use the subscribe/unsubscribe form at the bottom of the page, or go to the contact me page and send an email to one of the addresses there to request removal. Direct emails are only sent when a reply from my site is requested. Once the correspondence has closed, the emails are deleted and your email address is lost.

If you have received unwanted and unsolicited email sent via this system or purporting to be sent via this system, please forward a copy of that email with your comments to me for review.

If you have any questions about our privacy statement, or the practices of this site, you can contact me here.